Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

T-minus 30 seconds to big, bushy brows…
Oh, appeal gods, how fickle are ye! One minute you make skinny, barely-there brows en vogue, and the next minute it’s wall-to-wall wild, bushy brows.

Speaking for myself, I hope the wild, untamed feather brow stays in style a little longer…


OK, a lot longer.

’cause I love the look, and because then I can use this new hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel to its fullest potential.

Hourglass just added this new line of long-wearing (10+ hours for me) tinted brow fillers to their permanent line. They’re $28 and available in six shades — Blonde, warm Blonde, Auburn, Soft Brunette, warm Brunette and Dark Brunette.


Bluza kotów i makijażu ??

42 USD

Kupuj teraz

I bounce back and forth between preferring the lighter warm Brunette and darker Dark Brunette shades, depending on how intense I want my brows at any given moment, although realistically I know that $28 for a brow filler is redonkulously expensive. Still, these little cherubs save me so much time.

They’re also really easy to use — even much easier than similar ones I’ve used from Tarte and MAC.

Homegirl got NO time for fussy brow gels! give me all teh tools! Every minute saved is another minute I can sleep in.

Before and after Dark Brunette
I’m normally a brow pencil-clear brow gel combo girl, and that combo normally takes me 2-3 minutes to use (yes, I’ve timed it), but hourglass Arch is a one-stop shop where I can fill and set my brows in 30 seconds or less. and they don’t end up looking cray when I’m done, LOL!

A few things set this besides other products. First, the color isn’t excessively intense.

A lot of the time when I use a brow gel (other brow gels), my brows will end up looking block-y or cartoon-y, and generally over-defined and cut-out, but Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel hits the intensity idealny punkt. brows look thicker and longer, and not like the fake brows in a community theater costume.

Then there are the micro fibers. They literally latch onto every brow hair, making them look longer and lusher, and they adhere to the skin, too, so if you have any bald brow spots like I do (curse you, Raul!), those areas look filled and full.

Cooler still, the micro fibers aren’t long, scary looking or obvious. Like, you know how often when you use a fiber mascara, the fibers look like little caterpillars on your eyes? Arch doesn’t do that. You can’t really see a difference until you have your brows completely submitted and full.

Check the brush, dude.
The brush is also suuuuuuuuper key. There are short, compact bristles on one side for dense, exact application. When I really want control, like when I’m working at the end of a brow tail, I’ll use the short bristles.

Then, the other side of the brush has long, whiskery bristles for a lighter, less intense, feathery brow look, which is so popular ideal now. I’ll normally use that in the inner part of my brows.

If you’re curious and would like to see how well Arch can lift your brows, you can find all six shades now at Sephora, hourglass counters, boutiques and online.


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